Imaging from Professor Adrienne Roeder's lab

Cornell's titan arum prepares to bloom

Minn's Garden in full bloom

Professor Michael Mazourek working with students


Soil and Crop Sciences researchers analyzing soil samples at the Cornell Synchrotron.

In the coming decades, the world must arrive at solutions to the major challenges of feeding a burgeoning and more wealthy population, mitigating and adapting to climate change, and preserving biodiversity and essential ecosystem functions. Plants underpin all agricultural and natural ecosystems and environmental impacts on plant systems will cascade at local, regional, national, and international scales. But plants will also be the basis for solutions. Innovative approaches and revolutionary breakthroughs in plant sciences will be used to meet these challenges and help secure a sustainable future for coming generations.

Cornell scientists in the School of Integrative Plant Science are at the crux of research leading to those solutions. Faculty across the plant science disciplines are engaged in laboratory and field work, teaching and mentoring, as well as community outreach to translate the academic gains into real-world action.

Undergraduate Major in Plant Sciences

Plant Sciences majors share a common passion for plants, but their interests and career goals vary from basic studies of plant growth and development, through modern plant breeding and plant protection, to practical horticulture and agronomy. Learn more